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At the Going Down of the Sun
and in the Morning We will Remember Them.

3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Fus. P.P.Atkinson
Fus. A.Bunney
Fus. C.P.Cole
Fus. R.A.Gillespie
Fus. K.Leech
Fus. S.T.Satchell
Fus.  L.J.Thompson

1st Battalion Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Cameron's)

Pte. N.W.D.Donald
Pte. M.Ferguson
Pte. J.W.Lang

1st Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales)

Pte. S.P.Taylor
Pte. C.Moult

1st Battalion The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)

Pte. T.Haggerty

1st Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlands

C/Sgt. D.A.Mackinnon

1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards

Gdsm. C.A.Napier

22 Special Air Service Regiment

S/Sgt. V.D.Phillips
Cpl. R.G.Consiglio
Cpl. S.J.Lane
Cpl. D.E. Denbury

16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers

Lt. E.A.Whitehead

The Royal Regiment of Artillery

Gnr. P.P.Keegan

Corps of Royal Engineers

L/Col. A.J.Wright
Maj. J.S.Kingham
Spr. R.A.Royle

Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Maj. A.J.Burch
Sgt. M.J.Dowing
L/Cpl. F.C.Evans

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Pte. A.J.Fogerty

Royal Corps of Transport

Cpl. C.A.E.Bolam
L/Cpl. S.R.Crofts
L/Cpl. T.T.W.Hill
Dvr. J.P.Mcfadden
L/Cpl. R.Bobbins
L/Cpl. L.Wellington

Royal Army Medical Corps

Cpl. R.H.Going

Royal Army Pay Corps

Sgt. D.B.Kinear

Corps of Royal Milltary Police

S/Sgt. D.C.Tite

Royal Air Force

Flt/Lt. R.M.Collier
Flt/Lt. K.Collister
Flt/Lt. N.T.Dent
Flt/Lt. K.J.Duffy
Wing/Cdr. T.N.C.Elsdon
Flt/Lt. S.M.Hicks
Sqn/Ldr. G.K.S.Lennox
Sqn/Ldr. K.P.Weeks

Royal Fleet Auxillary

Mmi. M.J.Foy
Mmi. P.J.Harris


                                  Iraqi Officers War Diary