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The National Gulf Veterans & Families Association was formed in 1995, when Mrs. Edwina Currie asked for a meeting with Gulf War Veterans from Derbyshire. At the time I thought it was inappropriate just to have veterans from Derbyshire, so I call for all veterans from all over the UK to attented and so the National Gulf Veterans & Families Association was formed. in Duffield Derbyshire by the late Major Ian Hill.

Before the meeting in Derby, Mrs. Currie wrote to me after her debate at the house of commons:

Dear Terry,

Following our debate at the house of commons today 11 November 1994. I would be grateful if you would set up a discussion with up to 20 Gulf War Veterans, both serving and retired who may be affected by the Gulf War Syndrome. I would be particularly interested to meet anyone living in the South Derbyshire constituency which includes Mickleover, Chellaston and Boulton wards in Derby.

I would be very interested in discussing with them the problems they have had since serving in the Gulf. I think it is worth bearing in the mind the promise made by the Minister, Nicholas Soames MP, today, that any service personnel coming forward will be treated fairly and their complaints dealt with seriously. This will, I hope, encourage them to do so.

It will help if each person could bring to the meeting a note of the following:

1. Their length of service in the Gulf.
2. Vaccinations they received with as much detail as possible.
3. The length of time they took NAPs.
4. Exposure, if any, to other possible factors, e,g. pollution, contaminated material, etc.
5. Their conditions and symptoms since.
6. Exactly what has been said to them, and by whom, since, when they have sought help.

We return to the House of Commons on January 10th. 1995. Perhaps when you have enough names to make a meeting worthwhile thereafter you will let my secretary Know.

Please do emphasise to all concerned that i cannot stand up for them if they will not stand up for themselves. However, the more detailed information that is available, the harder it is for the MoD denial to continue.

with best wishes
Yours sincerely

Edwina Currie.

The Head Office of the NGVFA is:

Chairman is Mr. Shaun Rusling

The Pavilion
536 Hall Road
: 01482 808730

Families Office
Maria Rusling.

Welfare Office
Tracy Kirkby
76, Westcott Street
Tel: 01482.715438


For PTSD Claim's

Phoenix House
45 Cross Street
M2 4JF
Tel: 0161.8326972
Fax: 0161.8340718

Mr. Mark McGhee
Mr. Richard Lawson......

For Gulf War Claim's

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors.
Twyman House
31-39 Camden Road
Tel: 020.74821974
Fax: 020.72673476

Mr. Patrick Allen
Antonia Southern