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The British Gulf War Veterans
In Pursuit of the Truth.

When countries go to war, and those war's are over, battles won and lost, few considerations towards the consequences and implication of the aftermath are taken into account.

When the coalition forces went to war following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990, Saddam Hussein said that this would be the "Mother of all Battles", no one in the west would believe him. As it turned out it was the Mother of all Battles, though not as Saddam could have possible have imagined. The death toll for the conscripted farmers, bank managers and teachers, hardly fed poorly paid, and certainly not trained for the task, was catastrophic. As the coalition forces continually subjected the Iraqi defences and Republican Guard to sortie of heavy bombardments. The numbers of the defending Army were well diminished by the time the ground troops were deployed, some of this shattered army offered little resistance, most offered none and surrendered with dignity.

When the allied troops returned from the Gulf, some did not come home to a hero's welcome, instead they brought with them a legacy of ill health, as slowly but surely, the once fit men and women who contributed to the liberation of Kuwait, started to fall ill. The immediate response of the Governments was one of survival as they closed ranks and quickly "clamped up", issuing denials against the claims by some veterans, that somthing had affected their health, the wheels of a Government cover up were set in motion.

Gas, Gas, Gas

Government Cover up

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